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1. Filled Room vise Google-form to give us basic requirements you select to get the design.
2. Select the room design package you want to get ready ahead of after the call.
3. Schedule a call on Calendly. 

NOTE:1. Money will not be refunded on cancellation of calls.
2. Reschedule call option only allowed in case of emergency and 1day prior notice.

To fit your budget which suits your pocket we have structured Interior design services as a Product into
Per Room modules Packages.

Our packages allow you to select services as per your budget & as per your space requirement :
Live Consultation
45-mins 1-2-1 call with expert consultants
Value ₹499
Interior Material catalogue choice and rates guidance
Value ₹1500
Stepwise Guidelines for your Project
Value ₹480
9 fatal mistakes to avoid before Interior Designing
Value ₹440
Interior Design - Themes and Styles
Value ₹680
Essential Elements - Gain functional clarity regarding Interior
Value ₹500
Special Offer Till 11th June 2022
Get bonus value worth ₹3600
for just  ₹49̶9̶ 198/-

Book-A-Call with Seedtree & Earn 250 Seedcoins

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  4. Our representative will explain to you further about offers related to our Seedcoins when you connect for the consultation call

Seedcoins can be redeemed after booking the calls only & can be claimed only once.

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Step 1
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Step 3
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