Ar. Karan Atodaria

About SeedTree Collaborative and our Founder

During a career span of 9 years in the field of Architecture, he had identified various gaps in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction(AEC) industry. The utter neglect towards core competence of industry professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic surfaced to him the need for a digital facelift required for this built industry. His aim is to create a single point of contract that provides golden opportunities to professionals to expand globally and clients to get work done easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does a web call with an Expert help me for my Interior Project?

You may be facing the situation about interior design of your home for the first time but experts have been doing this for many clients over the years. They know the challenges you are facing in making right choices and hence are able to guide you properly after deeply understanding your requirements and expectations. We expect you to get clarity on your own functional requirements and style choices along with budget expectations on the call with experts.

Q. How can I get 5 guidebooks and how is it helping me?

Once you have made the payment and given your preferred time for a web call with an expert, you will get an email with a download link to all the five guidebooks. These guidebooks will help you understand the basics on interior design and execution and help you get maximum value out of the web call with experts and later when you get your home design and built.

Q. When will I get my designs?

After the web call the meeting summary will be sent to you along with the summary of design choices you made with the expert. On the call if you feel the same expert has understood your requirements and is in sync with your taste and budget expectations then you can select them to do your one or more room’s concept design which generally takes approximately two working days per room. There will be an extra charge for the concept design on a per room basis, which will be provided to you prior to making the decision.

Q. What type of Deliverable I will get for One room Design and how does it help me?

A concept design of one room includes all the essential elements of interiors that fulfill your functional needs as well as style aspirations along with a preliminary budget for the same. A sample room design deliverable document is presented

Q. Can I get Multiple rooms at a time?

Yes, after your expert web call, you can decide whether you want one room to be designed or several rooms, accordingly the fee is quoted and delivery timeline provided.

Q. I don't have a floor plan, can you just work on photos and videos of our home?

Even a hand-drawn floor plan can help in establishing the context of the room and yes, photos and videos certainly work for our designer. Further, our consultant can help you make the floor plan using simple methods.

Q. I don't have clarity on Interior’s Styles and budget, will Seedtree Consultant will help me out?

Yes, of course. First you will need to study the guidebooks provided to you once you book a call with an expert. Those guidebooks will provide you with sufficient information and then on web calls with experts you can get better clarity to decide which style works best for you as per your taste and budgetary requirements.

Q. If I love the work, Can I Hire for a full Interior house from Design to Execution from Seedtree?

Yes, of course. The experts are helping you get clarity on your requirements and doing the concept designs room wise in order to ensure that you are fully satisfied with their work prior to giving them the full design assignment. All the design deliverables are provided digitally and provide sufficient details to the contractors you choose to build your home interiors.

Q. What happens if I am not satisfied with the Consultant’s guidance over the web-call?

While we ensure that the right consultant is chosen to guide you, it may happen that you don’t like his/her communication style/method. After the call we send you the meeting notes along with a feedback form, in that you can choose to seek guidance from another consultant at no extra cost.

Q. Is it safe to pay online to Seedtree?

Yes, of course. We use an industry standard payment collection system which is safe and secure.

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